Good Finance Credit – non-bank loans

Good Finance Credit has been operating in the field of non-bank loans since 1994. During its existence on the market, it has become one of the largest domestic providers of non-bank loans for private individuals and for businesses and companies.

Good Finance Credit takes care of its customers through a network of many credit advisors. They can visit their clients or they can visit them in several stone branches.

Offered products


The offer of financial products from Good Finance Credit includes only and only Personal Loan and Business Loan. Furthermore, the company does not offer either credit cards or overdrafts. Officially, it does not offer non-bank consolidation but advises its clients to try to contact their information line.

Good Finance

Good Finance

Under the auspices of Good Finance Credit, Quick loan is also provided. It is a so-called quick loan – it can be processed online within minutes. Money often goes into account the same day.

It is possible to use it for anything and you can borrow up to 100 000 USD. The interest rate and the APRC both start at 4.9%. Like other quick loans, it is not worth not paying it back on time and in the long term, as high-interest rates come quickly.

The loan can be processed through this link.

Loan parameters:

  • Loan amount: USD 5,000 – 100,000
  • Maturity: 3 – 48 months
  • Interest: from 4.9%
  • APR: 4.9% to 148.7%

Personal loan


In case the interested person cannot or does not want to use the loan from the bank, Personal Loan from Good Finance Credit is a possible solution. Those interested can apply for it either by phone or via the web form.

In any case, the most appropriate credit adviser will be chosen to contact the client and arrange all the details in person. Unfortunately, the applicant can not at least approximate the loan in advance, because the website is missing online calculator Good Finance Credit loans.

Good Finance Credit also has stone branches in larger cities. You can see exactly where they are on the map below. Of course, Good Finance Credit also lists them on its website.

And what are the complete parameters of Personal Loan from Good Finance Credit?

  • loan amount : USD 5,000 – 166,000
  • maturity: 1 – 5 years
  • APR: same as interest rate, ie there are no additional fees

Good Finance Credit does not represent the amount of interest. It depends on the creditworthiness of the client, the amount of the loan and the chosen repayment period.

In order to arrange a Personal Loan, Good Finance Credit requires the following documents:

  • identity card
  • Confirmation of bank account ownership
  • the original receipt of the amount of income

The receipt can be either a receipt from the employer, a payslip or a bank statement. A personal loan from Good Finance Credit is without purpose, it is not necessary to disclose what the money will be used for.

Assuming that nothing will be missing in the documents provided, the approval is completed within 24 hours and money is also sent to the client within the same deadline. For this purpose, a cashless transfer is made directly to the client’s account. The repayment can then also be made by cashless transfer, direct debit or deposit of money to an account with Good Finance.

Good Finance Credit has also prepared an offer of repayment insurance. And in three packages that involve different risks. The price for insurance is determined according to the loan installment and subsequently becomes a direct part of the monthly installment.

Review of Good Finance Credit Personal Loan


Reviews of the loan from Good Finance Credit highlight both its pros and cons. The benefits people mention include the speed of funding and the absence of unnecessary charges. On the other hand, other people who have experience with a Good Finance Credit loan point to a relatively high-interest rate, which is unfortunately common for non-bank loans.

In any case, if one decides to take out a loan with a non-banking company, Good Finance Credit is a good choice, given the length of its market presence and solidity.

Business Loan


The second financial product from Good Finance Credit is Business Loan . Any person who has been in business for at least 6 months can apply. There are 3 variants of a business loan, the specifics of which are shown in the following table:

A business loan is also applied for through an online application on the website. Then the operator will contact the candidate, who will verify the entered information and communicate the next steps. Once the loan is approved, the entrepreneur has the money within 24 hours.